Bom Jesus School has been operating in Brazil for over 120 years, based on Franciscan principles, and it is part of Bom Jesus Educational Group, formed by the Bom Jesus School, FAE University Center, Bom Jesus Publisher, Bom Jesus Printer, Bom Jesus Theater, Lace Language Center and Valor Brasil – Promotional  Products.

Having Francis of Assisi as an inspiration, the institutions of Bom Jesus educate students and enable them to make new interpretations of reality, by promoting ethical, moral and spiritual values that serve as a reference for human beings.


All Bom Jesus Schools provide students with a complete education, from kindergarten to high school.
With schools located in the states of Santa Catarina, Paraná, São Paulo, Rio de Janeiro and Rio Grande do Sul, Bom Jesus is recognized as one of the most important and traditional educational institutions in Brazil, raising awareness among children and youngsters of their role as transforming agents in society.


Os Colégios Bom Jesus oferecem uma formação completa, da Educação Infantil ao Ensino Médio.

Combining education with the care required by children, as much as the first stage of Basic Education, Early Childhood Education favors the investigative approach and playful learning, taking advantage of the students; natural curiosity at this stage.

This stage prioritizes learning with understanding and the integration of school knowledge by means of investigative approach and interdisciplinarity, also conceiving the students as active learners.

With an interdisciplinary pedagogical proposal, this stage favors intellectual autonomy, critical thinking, building on knowledge and preparation for ENEM (National Secondary Education Examination) and entrance exams (Vestibular).


Bom Jesus offers a renowned pedagogical proposal, which is adopted throughout Bom Jesus Educational Group. It contains general guidelines regarding formation of human beings and construction of their citizenship, by means of human values and Franciscan principles.

Furthermore, it integrates technology with education and works with updated and excellent teaching materials developed by Bom Jesus Publisher.


Bilingual education, in Bom Jesus, opens paths and broadens horizons - for new cultures, different perspectives and values ??that prepare students to become global citizens.

The academic program includes subjects taught in Portuguese as well as in English. The additional language is used as an object of study, as well as a means of instruction, which contributes to excellence in education.

The selected teaching materials, especially in the early years, present English as a first language and promotes the development of more complex academic vocabulary, focusing on linguistic proficiency. In addition to improving language skills, the development of multicultural awareness is an essential aspect in the context of bilingual education.


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